Walk softly for here lie soldiers of Israel

Honoring the IDF's fallen four-legged heroes

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There is a monument in the center of the cemetery which is thus engraved:

Walk softly among these stones for here lie heroes.

They carried no rifle nor wore a uniform

But always followed orders.

They went into battle with trust and love of duty.

Who amongst us can say we were better

Walk softly for here lie soldiers of Israel. 

-(J. Braverman)

“Suddenly, Jack sensed that something was wrong. It was a cold November night, on the outskirts of Jabaliyah, one of Hamas' strongholds. Nahal soldiers were waiting in ambush for the terrorists. At the head of the force was Jack, a Belgian Shepherd attack dog trained for combat, and the soldier who worked with him, a role known in the unit as the "handler." Around them was silence, complete silence, occasionally broken by distant gunfire. There was no way for the Nahal soldiers to be aware of the nightmare that was unfolding: they were exposed, and a squad of terrorists was stealthily advancing. Their ambush was about to turn into an ambush against them.”

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